None Righteous

“Do not bring your servant into judgment,

 for no one living is righteous before you.”

Psalms 143:2

     As Christians, we have a problem with picking individual sins as being more sinful than other sins. Now, I’m not getting into a debate about the possibility of degrees of sin. But we like to classify and attack certain sins while totally disregarding others. We have a certain bias and we forget sometimes the root cause of sin.

     If we all had to stand on the scales, we would all tip toward the unholy, unrighteous side. Why? Because no one is righteous before God. We’ve all chosen to sin against Him. And we continue to sin against Him. Who here wants to aim at holiness? No one. Holiness is too expensive. Holiness is too big a sacrifice.

     And the worst part of this is when we hide behind the cross. “Yes, I still sin, but when God looks at me, He sees Jesus and not all of my sin.” And that may be true, but to blindly believe that God is no longer disappointed at my sin is foolishness. We serve a holy God. Israel thought they were safe because they were God’s chosen. Don’t we do the same today?

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